Peplink Balance 310


Please help. I think i am missing something on my peplink balance 310. i need to be access shares on my network using the computer name. Access via the IP works fine, but when i try to use the computername, it says that the device is offline. the files are on my Windows server 2012. i need to map a network drive on a windows 7 machine, using the servername. I think it might be a setting on the peplink that is causing the issue.


For server name resolution you need a resolution service running. If you’re using active directory on your windows server then it will likely be running a DNS and WINS service. If not then you can get the B310 to do that for you navigate to LAN DHCP server.

You can either use the builtin WINS service or redirect WINS to a an existing windows server on the network.

go to one of the PCs and run ipconfig /all you can see if and where WINS is assigned / points to


Thanks. That worked.

Now my problem is that it does not work across the pepVPN connection.