Peplink Balance 210 firmware upgrade issue


we have Peplink 710 located at our HQ and 2 Peplink 210 located at 2 sales office at 2 different location. we have 2 ISP line connected to each Peplink 210 for load balancing and failover purpose.

we have upgrade the firmware from v5.3.12 to v5.4.6 for Peplink 210 for location A last week and the upgrade process is successful. everything is working as normal. i have perform the same upgrade for Peplink 210 at location B and this time, 1 ISP line (WAN 2 port) is facing some issues. after upgrade to v5.4.6, WAN 2 ISP line always show as WAN failed DNS test. every 20 second the health check for WAN 2 will return “WAN failed DNS test” message and then reconnect back itself, then after 20 second it will disconnect again and the cycle keeps on going. whenever i reboot the modem/reboot Peplink 210 itself, the WAN 2 connection will remain connected for about 30minutes, after that, the problem is coming back.

we try to ping to using Peplink 210 Ping test and WAN 2 modem ping test at the same time, WAN 2 modem ping test is successful but Peplink 210 ping test is not returning any result. Direct connection from modem to PC is ok, I can browse to any website or ping to any IP.

We probably need to take a deep look at this in our support system. Could you please submit a support ticket at Thanks.

Peplink and Pepwave RMA service is only eligible to those purchased devices directly from us. If you have purchased devices via our authorized partner, please contact them for further support. They should be able to provide support in a timely manner.

an update from the issue, i have involved my vendor to check on it, firmware downgrade from 5.4.6 to v5.3.12 seems like fixing the problem, or rather say the problem exist only when upgrade to latest firmware…

Thanks for your update Charles. Could you please tell us who your vendor is? We will work with them to get down to the bottom of this.