Peplink Balance 20 USB stopped working after Novatel 6620L Manditory update 2.5 10/29/15

Peplink Balance 20 USB stopped working after Novatel 6620L Manditory update 2.5 Today.

Anyone else have this issue or can I get this escalated at Peplink?

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Do you mean Novatel 6620L can’t work well with B20 after the upgrade? If so please help to open ticket for us to check further.

The Novatel 6620L will not connect to the USB port on the Balance after the firmware was upgraded to 2.5. Peplink has it listed as a supported LTE modem.



It is supported but, we cannot unfortunately control when they decide to upgrade firmware on there devices which is the probable cause.
Engineering team will take a look into this so that we can support the modem on it’s new firmware. Will provide further updates via your ticket.

I understand… I was wondering if you are able to reproduce the issue in your lab?




We do not have the MiFi modem on hand to test with, I have sent instructions to you via the ticket.

The downgrade of the firmware did not fix the issue.



Current Software Update Benefits
Software Version: 2.5

This software update (SU2.5) fixes a Wi-Fi connectivity issue that many public safety customers were experiencing.

Fixed Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

You can now turn on Wi-Fi when using USB tethering.

Added data usage parameter to Mobile Broadband Management.

Fixed an issue where some devices were stuck in 1X.

Software Update Instructions
To help you with the mandatory software update for your MIFI 6620L, this page tells you how to update your device one of two ways:

Network-initiated Over-the-Air (OTA) Software update for SU2.5
User-initiated OTA Software update for SU2.5

Network-initiated Software Update

This issue has been resolved by turning off IP V6 on the Novatel 6620L MiFi you can close my ticket.

Thank for the update and information!