Peplink Balance 20 same ip on both WAN ports

I have a Peplink Balance 20 and I have to use the same ip on both WAN ports because they can not be changed. Will this work? I was told that it would.

Hi Glenn,

This is not recommended. Possible to let us know what type of WAN connection that you having now and why the IP address can’t being change ?

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It is Satellite internet using two different systems from the same ISP. Both have the same default gateway and IP. ( - so really my question should be – does the Peplink 20 route traffic by the WAN number or by IP? Many devices allow you to forward to an interface rather than IP. At which point there may not be any conflict as the balancer only cares about sending out WAN1 or WAN2.

So I assume you have no access to the Satellite modem and you are getting the same exact WAN IP on both, like If you do have access you should be able to change the LAN subnet or at least do a DHCP reservation using a different IP.

Otherwise, I would recommend power cycling one of the modems with nothing connected and then plug in a PC directly temporarily and see what IP it gets. If the modem has more then 1 LAN port you could now plug the Balance back in and it should receive a different IP address. This way one WAN will have and the other would be .11 and this will work.

Thank you for the reply. I am not on site; I am working in my lab before I go out and do the installation. It is a lot of travel to get out there so I want to make sure that it will work before I go.

Getting an IP for the WAN ports is not my issue; in fact I can set up static IP’S in the Peplink if necessary. My concern has to do with the fact that both satellites have the same default gateway.

WAN1 to ISP with default gateway of

WAN2 to ISP with default gateway of

If Peplink 20 will work in this situation then I have no problem to worry about?

After researching, every example that is discussed is using two or more ISP’S that have different default gateways?

In my lab I have both WAN’S plugged into a TELUS router and it works perfectly. What would happen if I had two TELUS routers on separate phone lines and plugged the first one into WAN1 and the second one into WAN2 would it still work?

I am using a satellite ISP but technically the question would apply to both?

I am getting conflicting advice from colleges in my trade, some say it will work and others say it will not due to a default gateway IP conflict issue?

Hi Glenn,

Are you referring to the following network setup ?

As mention earlier, we always recommend the WANs IP is using different IP address & Network IP.

For you request, if the requirement is only for LAN to WAN (Outbound Internet Traffics), then it’s good to go.

Else if the requirement is more than Outbound Internet Traffics, then this is not recommended as we don’t know any unforeseen issue will raise up for the future.

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Thank You for your reply. That is what I am doing. All traffic will be generated from the Lan side. No traffic will be coming in from the Internet side except for web page responses of course and such - like e-mail, etcetera.

So I should be good to go?

As mentioned by Sit Loong here, it is good to go if you having similar network connectivity and having outbound traffic only.

I did install this and tested it thoroughly; it works fine.

I had to put static ports on the WAN ports to avoid the IP conflicts that DHCP was giving me.

At the far end, the Satellite company put each satellite modem on separate sub-nets so that they technically were on different networks.

So yes this can be done.

Hi Glenn,

Good to heard it’s working fine base on the requirements.

Thank you