Peplink Balance 20: periodic (random?) crashes

I have a Peplink Balance 20, running firmware 6.2.0 build 2895, serial number 1824-D7C4-CCA2. With both this version of the firmware, and the previously installed 5.4.9s29 build 1755, the Peplink randomly “crashes”. The crash frequency seems to be approximately weekly, although I’ve had crashes as little as two or three days apart. I would like to fix this problem.

When the Peplink crashes, all traffic stops routing. The web interface for the Peplink becomes inaccessible, so I am unable to dump the diagnostic report. After rebooting, the diagnostic report contains nothing helpful for the time of the crash. Normal service is restored by rebooting i.e.: unplugging and replugging the router.

I have a dual WAN configuration (two ISPs), configured for weighted balance. I have six additional outbound rules for persisted or enforced routing of specific types of traffic e.g. IMAP. I have no router to router VPN configurations. I haven’t added any firewall rules, although I have enabled intrusion detection. Note that the router was crashing with intrusion detection off as well, so I doubt this is relevant.

Any suggestions or guidance regarding reducing or eliminating crashes on my Peplink Balance 20 would be appreciated!

Please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at this:

I’ve created a ticket as you suggested, Tim (Ticket #753989): I look forward to a solution :slight_smile: