Peplink Balance 20 openVPN DNS issues


I recently setup my peplink for openvpn. I am able to connect to the network though i am unable to request any DNS requests to the LAN. I can connect to each computer via inputting the actual IP address.

I have the WAN setup for a static IP address to the internet modem.
the WAN DNS is set to and
routing mode is set to NAT.

for openvpn i am using UDP

Your remote device has connectivity to your Peplink Balance through the VPN, but the remote device is not using the Balance as its DNS server. The remote is typically being assigned to a DNS server by whatever router as at the remote end. The remote router is typically pointing to a DNS server provided by its ISP so it has no idea the name and LAN addresses for devices on your LAN.

If this is just for one remote device the easiest way would be to edit the hosts file on the remote PC (assuming its a Windows device). Do a google search for “windows 10 add local dns entry”, you’ll see multiple explanations how to do this.


I have used the openvpn on my netgear nighthawk recently and it just worked i could setup network shares as the names on the local network.