Peplink Balance 20 Keeps Restarting


My Peplink Balance 20 keeps restarting every 30 Sec, and i can’t analyze it’s log file due to this issue

will you PLZ advice how to fix it.


Hello @hani,
Here are some suggested diagnostic steps (recommended in this order).

1. Isolate the router

Turn the power and remove all the connected network cables (noting where you had them plugged in)
Turn the power back on and watch what the status light does (going from red to green).

2. Check the router boots up when isolated

If the status goes green and stays green, plug in a laptop into one of the LAN ports (laptop to be running on battery and the only cable connected is the network cable from laptop to Balance 20). If the router Status is still green then progressively work through restoring the previously removed cables one by one, waiting for a minute to see if the router resets again. If the router does a reboot, then you may have a device on your network causing a power imbalance.

3. Check the Plugpack Power supply for the router

If the status does not stay green and the router reboots (when you have no cables connected), then source an alternative suitable (or replacement) power supply, contact your local Authorised Peplink Partner for help with this.

4. Factory Reset the router

If after replacing the power supply it is still rebooting, then attempt a factory reset of the router.

5. Submit a Support Ticket

If after all of this the router is still rebooting, then you can create a Support Ticket with Peplink to get it repaired.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Did you recently update to 8.0.1? Asking because my master in an HA pair just rebooted exactly 2 hours after upgrading to 8.0.1. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again in another 2 hours.

Dear Marcus,
Your prompt response is highly appreciated by me, but it seams that i’ll create a Support Ticket, actually i did what you recommend precisely but my Balance 20 still keep restarting.


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Dear Negefvert,

No i didn’t