Peplink Balance 20 Health check time interval


This message is in regards to the Pep-link Balance 20 health check feature, every night we get our regular notification with a maintenance update that would disconnect then reconnect our internet services. The main problem is that we get a high frequency of emails that spam our inbox for every disconnect and reconnect. Is there a way to reduce the frequency of the maintenance action and even change the intervals to 5-10 minutes? Basically we want some kind of a final notice every night to ensure us that the maintenance was a success rather than a spam of emails.

Attached below is my screenshot of the Health Check section. You can refer to this ticket #757582 if you need the specs of the device.

Hi Paul,

Do you know when is the maintenance windows? If this is fixed, you may schedule when to disable and re-enable your WAN interface. You need to upgrade to v6.3RC to accomplish this.

You may follow steps here to obtain the unlock key when you upgrade from v5.4.9 to v6.3RC.

Can you explain on how the WAN interface works?

Hi Paul,

  1. You need to define a schedule. For example, disable Wan1 from 00:00-02:00 (ISP maintenance windows).

  1. Assign the schedule to WAN1

Then WAN1 will be disabled and enable based on the schedule automatically. You will have less headache on receiving a large number of e-mail notification.


I was looking for this exact same thing, and I’m glad it’s already been discussed.
However, I DO NOT see the Schedule on my Balance 310. It’s the schedule available on the 310?

I’m on software version 6.2.1s023 build 2006

Please advise?



As mentioned above, you need to upgrade to v6.3RC to accomplish this.

Ok, I got the license but I am not sure how to upgrade to v6.3RC. I clicked on the link and downloaded the file but it then prompts to ask me which app I need to open this with. I do not think I have any software from Peplink downloaded since all I have to do to access it is type the IP address on a web browser.

You just need to go to the System tab and then the Firmware tab and under Manual Upgrade you will put in the link to where the file is stored on your PC.

Thank you for that. I was able to make the upgrade. One question though, before I made the changes to the health check we would get our notification email at around 10PM connecting and disconnecting. Once I made the health check interval to 30 minutes the resets occur at around 5PM instead. What would I need to do to change it back so it can do the health check at around 10PM like it use to?

Hi Paul

I think there is some misunderstanding here, the frequency of the connecting and disconnection is not controlled by Peplink device, it mainly depend on your internet connection 's status. If your internet connection interrupted at the time you mentioned, hence, you will get notified.

Just curious though, what could of caused the disconnects/reconnects to occur at around 5PM instead of 10PM? Is this something I need to contact my Internet provider?

Hi Paul,

If the disconnection happened on 5PM regularly, please check with your ISP.

Hello, I am trying to create a new thread but I seem to be able to locate that so I will go ahead and ask on my current thread…

As posted on this thread I have 2 internet connections running through the Peplink loadbalancer. One of the connection is running while the other is on coldstandby…is there a way to run both connections at the same time with one being a primary connection and the other being a secondary connection?

Please advise…

Thank you

Yes this is possible. Put both connections to Always ON. Then create the below outbound policy rule.

All traffic will route out the highest WAN in the priority list (only that WAN) and will scale down should the primary WAN fail. Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery: should traffic fail to WAN 2 and WAN 1 comes back up, this feature will terminate all of the sessions back to WAN 1.

Put both connections as active and then under outbound rules, make a rule of all traffic, priority, WAN 1 followed by WAN1.
This way both are active and traffic is primarily pushed down WAN 1. If/when WAN 1 fails, traffic is then moved to WAN 2. Traffic will be gradually moved back to WAN 1 when it become health again.

Another question for you guys,

Our company RICOH printer has a scan to email feature but the problem is it only works if the AT&T ISP is online/active. When I set the Outbound rules for Comcast as the priority and AT&T as secondary the scan to email feature stops working until I disable the outbound rule. Any ideas how this can be fixed through Peplink or would I have to change the printers configurations?

Thank you

Hi Paul, you can just make a new outbound rule and force the printer to use the AT&T connection. This rule should be placed above any other rules in place.