Peplink Balance 20 drop Tradestation (Trading Software ) connection during WAN failover

I got Peplink Balnce 20 to have uninterrupted connectivity for my trading platform. But what I have observed is, when WAN1 fails and switch over to 3G/4G, application momentarily disconnects. 3G/4G is configured as backup (also tried always on with same result). Tried a continuous ping test and observed that atleast one ping will timeout during link failover. IS there a way to add more resiliency to this ?. I definitely need absolute connectivity during link failover and that is why I got Peplink. Please help.


May I know only Tradestation having issue during failover?

Tradestation gets disconnected from the trade-server server and reconnects in a few seconds. As I mentioned, if you have a continuous ping, at-least one ping will time put (ping -n 100 ). I will do a wireshark capture for browser based applications ( youtube, http download etc) and see if I notice a TCP FIN, RST. But then again such applications behave normally to momentary disconnects as browser will transparently reconnect.

As you mentioned, most applications behave just fine during a link failover and only losing a single packet during this process is actually pretty amazing.

I believe this is expected behavior using their specific application, and I’m sure it is security related.

The solution to all of this would be our SpeedFusion technology, but this is a site-to-site VPN connection that would need to be established.

I am having the same problem. I also do trading andI know exactly what you mean. Funny thing is when it swiches back to the primary connection, the trading platform doesn’t lose connection. Were you able to resolve the issue?

As mentioned by Tim above, this is depending on the application behavior. If you need unbreakable connection then you need SpeedFusion technology which also mentioned by Tim.

Are you using Priority algorithm for the Outbound Rule? If my assumption is true then this is the expected behavior.

YES, I am using priority algorithm for the outbound rule. i still don’t understand why it doesn’t lose the connection when it switches back to WAN1. Is there any ways to avoid it? i have Peplink Balance 30.

The reason it doesn’t lose connection when switching back to WAN1 is because WAN1 had previously established a connection. When you switch from WAN1 to WAN2 you are connecting to their server over a brand new IP address, so the session will break until you re-authenticate. This is normal behavior for https traffic as well as some other applications where security is a prime focus.

I think the reason why It doesnt fail when return to Wan1 from Wan2 is because the option called “Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery”

If u enable this, then the behavior will be that the seasson going by Wan2 will terminate and reconnect by Wan1.

Go to Status // Active Sessions // Search and take a look what seassons goes where.

This is a very useful and powerfull tool that I use to review the outbound policy