Peplink Balance 20 crush on 6.1.0 build 2517

Does any one else seeing that Peplink Balance 20 crush on 6.1.0 build 2517 sometimes it crashes after apply some configuration changes related to WAN (4G USB), firewall, and DHCP settings?

Sometimes its’ all good, but sometimes when I click apply device just becomes completely unresponsive. Nor via Web UI or SSH. Internet dies too.

Powercycle fixes it and it actually keeps new settings it crashed on applying.

Not something I have seen. We have a number of employee owned Balance 20/30s as well as numerous customer devices. Nobody has reported anything as of yet, I’ll let you know if we do see that somewhere.

Hi astryukov, if you like to create a support ticket, our support team will definitely look into this together with you. Thanks.

I have the same issue on both a balance 20 and a balance 30. Typically happens after making a change to the firewall rules or VPN settings.

Today I noticed it happen on dhcp static leases change.

Hi astryukov,

Appreciate if you can open ticket at

Thank you.

[Ticket #741461] Pep 20 Gui Crash

Hi, I have the exact problem. I have 2 peplink 30 and 1 peplink 20 , Once in a while it happen, the router freeze and I can’t access to internet, I’m able to ping the router adress from LAN but not able to access Web Ui, but what is very strange is that several ip’s alarm on the network (temperature sensor, and intrusionmodule) are able to report status to the alarm company.


Appreciate if you can submit diagnostic report by creating support ticket here.

Thank you.

[Ticket #741933]

I don’t know why its taken so long to realize that these reboot problems weren’t just a one-off fluke and looked in the forums for any ideas or answers. I see that I’m not alone in noticing there is a pattern.


We have reproduced the issue in our lab. Currently, our engineering team is working hard to fix it. We will post more information if it becomes available.

Thanks so much for the acknowledgement. I hope it can be fixed and released quickly.


My Balance 20 also crashed/rebooted after making a configuration change. I’m on 6.1.0 build 2517.


Appreciate if you can open ticket at

Thank you.

I would like to post an update here about this issue. Currently, we are still working on a firmware in order to address this issue. The firmware would be released in probably 2 weeks.

I see it too occasionally when making config changes and saving. Also, SNMP reporting memory usage above 85% at all times since going to 6.1.0. Not a huge problem, I can wait for the FW update.

As was mentioned in the post just above yours, a fix to this crashing issue is in the works and is being tested externally.

I don’t look at SNMP data so I don’t know if I’m impacted by that as well.

Was the fix released I have the same issue on my Peplink balance 30?


6.1.2 upgrade is available: