Peplink Balace One Core with USB... 3 WAN?


I have just received my Peplink Balance One Core and I plan to use it by aggregating two WAN; one from a RJ45 wired router and another one from a 4G RJ45 router. So I am planning to use both available WAN ports. Nevertheless, I have a silly question… If I plug the 4G through a USB modem instead the cable router… can I use the two WAN ports additionally?. I mean, is the USB port a third WAN port or it deactivates one of the other two?. In the case on is deactivated… which one?.

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Hi Jose,

The Balance One Core allows you to have all 3 WAN (including the USB) connections active at the same time, which we can manipulate the user traffic via Outbound Policy over these 3 WANs.

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Thanks a lot, WeiMing! :slight_smile: