Peplink APs - Add "Band-C" to UK Channel List

Feature Request:
Enable Band-C channels on Peplink APs when configured for UK country code.

In Summer 2017 OFCOM (the UK spectrum regulatory authority) began permitting the use of “Band-C” (5725 – 5850 MHz) for indoor WLAN equipment as long as the APs performed DFS checks on the channels.

In July 2020 OFCOM made a further amendment to remove the DFS requirements for WLAN APs operating in Band-C when indoors and an EIRP of =<200mW is used, potentially paving the way for easier use of this spectrum as it removes the need for DFS certification on those channels.

This potentially allows the use of an additional 1x 80MHz, 2x 40MHz, or 5x 20MHz channels in the upper 5GHz range.

The following link contains details and links to the interface requirements “IR” documents from OFCOM:

The use of this block of spectrum is also under review / being changed in other European countries at the moment, and from reading it seems many of them will harmonize their regulations across the EU bloc along the lines of what OFCOM have done in the UK.


We are having an internal discussion on this. I will provide an update once we have a final decision. Thanks for your feature request.