Peplink AP One AC Mini Setup Question

I have three AP One AC Minis that are all powered through POE and set to the same SSID. I thought I’d just have my non Peplink router do all of the DHCP so all three APs are set to “bridge mode”. But I found a setting for DHCP on the SSID page. The options are “None”, “Relay” and “Server”. These settings seem to be active despite the APs being in bridge mode. What do these three options mean and what would be the correct setting for me? I thought perhaps “Relay” would pass through the DHCP information from my router, but “None” also seems to work. I haven’t tried the “Server” setting. Please explain. Thanks.

  • None - This is the default setting. You may choose this if you have DHCP server. This is the recommended setting based on your environment.

  • Relay - You may choose this if your DHCP server is located on another subnet.

  • Server - You may choose this if you don’t have DHCP server.