PepLink and Pepwave VPN

My peplink is behind NAT
So according to what I know , I must create portforwarding for TCP 32015 and UDP 4500 in my NAT device in order to work with VPN, right?

The problem is the NAT device already used UDP 4500 for ipsec vpn and it did not allow UDP port 4500 portforwarding anymore.

Can I configure peplink VPN by just using TCP 32105 ??

Any suggestions would be very helpful to me .

Thank you so much

Hi Uno,

yes, you can change all Ports for the SpeedFusion/PepVPN.
A nice how to is here: Change Port Fusion Hub Listens - #2 by sitloongs



Hi dennis , thank you
In both peplink and pepwave , I should change the handshake port to 32015 or other ports that I want to use then it should work , right?

PepLink at Hub site behind NAT and Pepwave at remote site using SIM router

Hi Uno,

yes, you have to make the same settings on both sites.


Thank you so much , I’ll try it