Peplink and Optical fiver?

I want to balance 3 optical fiver, is it posible with any peplink ??

For now you would need to use a fiber to Ethernet converter, none of our current models support direct fiber connection. This may change down the road :slight_smile:


How much routing throughput would you need for these 3 optical links?

This is for a video server: 500 Mbps internet to server and 50 Mbps server to internet (5 optical fiver of 100 Mbps, minimun 3 lines)

My actual line has 100 Mbps (internet - server 100 Mbps, server - internet 10 Mbps)

The actual instalation is from Telefonica Spain with 1 ONT (modem) + 1 Router comtrend (10 - 100 Mbps)

Other thing, i need to conect the mobile comeras with 3G to control center for to trate the signal and after to send the video server for the intranet. I need mínimum 5 Mbps.

Kind regards: Manyblue

What type of fiber interface would you need? SFP?

Can you elaborate more about the 3G cellular requirements?