Peplink and Meraki WAN


Hi, I have a query in regards to connecting Peplink to Meraki MX84.

I’m planning to connect fibre from ISP and Peplink Balance 580 (with 3 VDSL connections) to WAN ports of Meraki MX84. Fibre is dedicated so I have private address on it so can’t do port forwardings on it and Peplink is showing primary WAN public IP address on WAN port of Meraki MX84.

I want to port forward some of the devices on a network via Peplink and MX84 but I can’t get it working.

I created firewall rules on Meraki MX84 and Peplink but I can’t access the servers on local network via WAN.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Kind regards,


Is the Balance 580 deployed as drop-in mode with the fibre WAN connection? Do you have a screen shot to share or possibly a small network diagram?


Hi Ron, sorry for the delay. Peplink is not in Drop-in mode. I don’t have a diagram to share but to simplify. 3 BT WAN modems connected to Peplink. Peplink connected to MX84 WAN port. Rules done on MX84 so when direclty connected to one of the 3 BT connections I can access server. Once I connect Peplink I can’t access servers. Would you know what I’m doing wrong with peplink config?


Peplink will by default be doing NAT from WAN to LAN, so you’ll need to add port forwarding on the Peplink also from its WAN (the BT VDSL) to the WAN of the MX84 on the Peplinks LAN.