Peplink 710 firmware

Hello. We have a 710 load balancer running firmware 5.4.9. I read the following article.

Are firmware upgrades free now? I signed up to incontrol2 and added the device. It has a unlock key for the device, but I don’t know if it’s for firmware v. 6+ or for v5+.
What should I do?


I forgot to mention that incontrol2 reports that the warranty is expired (2010-01-08)

Hi George,

Yes, as of June 2015, Peplink products come with free Firmware upgrades.
Just enter that key when your device is asking for the license key during the firmware upgrade.

You can find the latest firmware here
If your device is a Balance 710 HW1-2 you should upgrade to the latest supported firmware for that model 6.3.3, which you can find here

If you run into any problems, let us know

Good luck!

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hello Erik, thanks for the info.
So, just to make sure!!!
We are at version 5.4.9. I download v 6.3.3 form the link. Install the firmware and use the unlock key from incontrol2.


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That is correct.
In case you that doesn’t work, or if you run into a problem you can log a ticket by sending an email to [email protected].
We can provide you with another firmware unlock key If necessary.

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Hi Erik, everything is ok with upgrade and unlock. Many thanks!!!
One more thing, when I log on to incontrol2, the device is offline. Can’t see anything. From the balancer’s ui incontrol is enabled. What else is needed?

Regards, George


The device showing as offline is normal. You would need to get it covered under warranty again in order to manage it via InControl2. Since the warranty has expired you would need to go with a TotalCare plan to get it covered again.


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Hello. Thanks both for your help.
Regards, George

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