Peplink 580 (x2) Site 2 Site VPN problem - Can only access one way

We have had a Pelink 580 in operation in our head office for 18 months now, and have recently acquired a satellite office so for simplicity have installed another 580 on the new site.

The site to site VPN connects fine, and each Peplink is showing correctly the available ip ranges at each site.

From the Peplink at our head office I can ping and connect to devices at the satellite office Ok.
From the Peplink at the satellite office I can only ping the IP address of the Peplink at Head Office and nothing else on the head office network.

Both devices are on same firmware version: 5.3.12

Feel like we are missing something really obvious!

Any assistance greatly appreciated?

The problem must be in two options(in vpn profile):

Local Networks
Remote Networks

The error is in the Peplink at the satellite office. You could take a screen print of your vpn profile?



Please check the firewall rules on the 580 at the head office first.

Currently working through a support case - will let you know how we get on.