Peplink 580 WAN Dual WAN port setting


If I set WAN1 as “Always On” with drop-in mode and WAN2 as “Backup Priorty” with NAT mode,

as I know outbound traffic will always go out though WAN1.

Can Inbound Traffic pass to my network though WAN2 ??


Outbound and inbound traffics alway go through WAN1 since WAN2 is standby. You can set WAN2 “Always On” if Inbound via WAN2 is needed.

Hope this help.

For my case, Since the 2nd ip from 2nd ISP was added in customer’s dns host server a record, I need WAN1 & WAN 2 to handle inbound traffic,
but only WAN1 to handle outbound traffic.
Is outbound policy for all service traffic with priority set can fullfill this requirement?


Yes that will work.