Peplink 580 Locks up


I have 9 peplink fusion connections running into a 710 , but on one of my remote sites I have a peplink 380 and a peplink 580 and the 580 freezes up every 3 days.

I have swapped the 580 for a new one and upgraded to the 5.4.6 software which got it to only freezing up every 3rd day on firmware before 5.4.6 it froze up every day. The peplink 380 has the same configuration as the 580 expect less wan interfaces running but has yet to freeze up after the firmware upgrade.

The other peplinks on my network has also not frozen up.

Any Idea of what I can try .

The config is basically bonding 5 dsl accounts , and then connecting the speed fusion over the 5 lines.I then route via the speedfusion for my client networks.


Could you provide us the 5.4.6 firmware build version? Do you have firewall logging enable on the 580?

In order for us to perform further checking, we would like to request you to log a ticket to us via


Hi I logged a ticket and uploaded the firmware , any news.

Earlier Only the leased line was connected to the Airport Extreme Base Station, and I forwarded the port for my Media Server to be accessed from outside the network, this was managed on PepLink by forwarding the port to Extreme and extreme to the Lan IP assigned.