Peplink 580 Load Balancer

Hi all,

We’re using Peplink 580 load balancer since 2014 and is working fine. Now planning to get a new unit to act as HA unit. Any announcement on End-of-Sale for this model? Should we replace the existing unit and get 2 new boxexs?

Please advice


Ganesan Arunasalam

Balance 580 currently has 3 hardware revision (HW).

For a “perfect HA pairing”, it should be one of the options below.

  1. A pair of Balance 580 with HW1, that supports latest firmware of 6.3.4.
  2. A pair of Balance 580 with HW2/3, that supports latest firmware of 7.0.1.

If you mix between the 2 options, you’ll have to stick with the latest firmware that is supported on both unit, which is 6.3.4. In addition, the newer hardware platforms have performance improvement over the older hardware, thus it should be noted that there might be performance differences in the production environment with different hardware version HA pair.

Last to note is that LACP features not available on older hardware version, HA will work if these features not enabled.

Thanks for your reply.

I understand your point. but I worried about any announcement regarding end-of-sale for this model any time soon. Since it is in the market for long time.

Hope your can clarify this.


Ganesan Arunasalam

New hardware revision maybe, but not end-of-sales anytime soon.

Thanks for your prompt reply!