Peplink 580 get reboot every 60-70 days

Hi friends,

I’m using Peplink 580 for FTTH internet outbound. It got reboot every about 60-70 days, and I dont know why (my CPU and RAM is not high , below 30%). In log, it only says “System: Started up (7.1.1 build 2460)” => current version is 7.1.1
Please help me to find root cause?
Thanks you very much.

Hi @dragonhunt911, welcome to the forum. You are running really old firmware, I would suggest to update your device to 8.1.2 version to avoid any possible old firmware related issue. If the reboots will persist please open up a support ticket so our team could assist you. Tickets can be created from this link:
Firmwares can be found in this link:

Hi Rokas,
Thank you for help me. I think I will upgrade software for my peplink580.
IF I am not sure about what the version software is compatible with my peplink, Could I click to “Download and Upgrade” and It will automatically choose the right version ?

Thank you

@dragonhunt911, yes it will download and install the correct firmware for your device. If you would like to go manual route you need to select firmware based on your HW revision, you can check it in the status tab device section.