Peplink 580 - Feature

Let’s say I have 3 ISP with 10Mbps speed each (downlink and uplink), after I install Peplink 580, how fast how fast will my Internet connection be after WAN aggregation (no load-balancing)?

Please can you tell me as work bandwidth bonding feature (broadband)?

If you’re load balancing 3 x 10Mbps connections and you test the speed with a multi-session, multi-threaded speedtest tool you will see 30Mbps.

If you use SpeedFusion bonding between your device and other Peplink device elsewhere - assuming the other device has 30Mbps or more, you will see in the region of 24Mbps with factors such as latency between your devices and the subsequent speedtest method affecting how much bonded bandwidth is available.

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This means, when it is multi-session traffic (Example: P2P downloads) can I get 30Mbps ?.

But, when it is a single sesion (eg, accessing bank websites or other HTTPS websites) can I get maximum only 10Mbps (the speed will be limited to one of the ISP connections)?.

Is speedtest a tool multi-session?.

Exactly right. is multi-session (max of four I think - although that might have changed).

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Thank for you support.

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