Peplink 30


Maybe I missed it, but is there a Configuration Guide or Quick Set UO Guide available for setting up simple networks behind the Peplink 30?

For example: If you have a Cable Modem and DSL Modem attached to the WAN ports:

How should the Modems and the Router be set up for For Load Balancing? What is the best way to configure the WAN and LAN setting on the Router? What needs to be changed on the modems?

How should the Modems and the Router be set up for Fail Over?


You should definitely download the user manual from our site:

Our Knowledgebase is also full of good information:

The Design Lab on our Forum is also a good resource:

Following up.

I looked at the specs for my router and noted that the LAN ports are listed as 10/100. Doing a web search, I see the ports listed as gigabit. Which is it?

Hi dmking, the LAN ports are gigabit as indicated on our spec page:


Thanks Tim,

What the difference in the first row - “Load Balancing & Failover” Supported and the row “Inbound Load Balancing” NOT Supported?

Please refer link below:-

Load Balancing & Failover -

Inbound Load Balancing - Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

If you need Inbound Load Balancing, please consider Balance 210/310 and above.