Peplink 30 w/5.4.6

Recently we have had a rash of HEALTH CHECK FAILED messages.:mad:


We have a Comcast cable modem, set to HEALTH CHECK DNS. Acording to Comcast…their DNS is &

When I ping these 6 out of 10 times they fail… I have tried public (open)DNS, with the same results…

Is anyone else having issues?

I am also seeing about 40% loss when pinging that IP, so I would definitely not use those. Try the google DNS servers at and and if you keep getting health check failures I would suspect a problem with your line.

Thanks Tim… I already switched to Googles DNS last night… no issues today… we’ll see.

I was using the Google DNS for a while. Once every few months, Google would blacklist my IP, with a message that I had too many automated system calls into their system. They were right of course - the Peplink was pinging them too often. So I changed the test IP’s to ones I knew were just dumb routers in the net.

Thanks for the info rossh_pl, I have several Peplink routers that all use the Google DNS servers and I haven’t had any issues for the past few years - but this is good to know.