Peplink 30 Dual WAN Configuration and performance

Hello everyone.

I apologize if this has been covered elsewhee, but I’m on my way out andwill be back after everyone is gone.

I have a new Peplink that has replaced a Xincom Dual WAN router.

  1. Is there a configuration guide for a cable modem/router plus VDSL WAN set up. Right now I have the VDSL set up in transparent bridging and have made not changes to the cable modem config.

  2. In the Default state, bothe the cable and VDSL boxes have the same IP address - - and DHCP is enabled. I guessing that if I made no changes, this would not be a problem since the Peplink takes priority and parses out the local IP addresses for devices that are connected to it through the WAN ports. Putting the VDSL modem into Bridge mode certainly removes any potential for conflict since it is now acting as a pass through device.

  3. Last night I noticed that the performance of the network significantly degraded - 50 Mbps to 3 Mbps. I tested with the Peplink out of the loop and the performance returned to normal levels. Both links were connected in the Peplink. Any thoughts. Right now I’ running on one WAN without the Peplink.

  4. Is there a reason when I’m configuring the peplink that the session times out in the browser? I connect my laptop to a LAN port, type in and the session times out.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I recommend to put both modems in to bridge mode so they will pass the IP directly to the WAN interfaces of the Peplink, this way you will not be double NATing.

I would start there and see how everything works out…