Peplink 20 ver 5.3.12

I just installed my Peplink 20 and all was very simple to configure. I was under the understanding that it is a load balancing between 2 WAN’s. When I look at the Bandwidth usage charts it seams that WAN1 gets 90% of the traffic and WAN 2 only 10%. Is this normal or is there a setting I am missing to better balance the load.

Thank you in advance.

Peplink will balance your network traffic on WAN1 and WAN2 and the ratio will depend on your outbound policy settings.

If default rule is set to auto. Peplink will distribute your traffic on a weighted balance basis with respect to the downstream bandwidth of each WAN, so, let’s start by verifying the downstream bandwidth of each WAN under Network > WAN on the web admin page?

Thank you for your response. Th downstream bandwidth is set to 100 Mbps on both WAN’s (upstream is the same.) I have two small DSL pipes to my house (1.3 / 250)

So, if default rule is set to auto, we should have a 50/50 distribution.

Let’s take a closer look at other outbound policy rules and see what is skewing the load?