Peplink 20 for multi-sites


I am newcomer to Peplink’s solutions, with SD-WAN Technology.

I have 3 sites to interconnect in full mesh and I would like to use the Peplink B20, so I would like to know:

1- Is it possible to do this by buying 3 peplink B20 for interconnection (A Peplink B20 per site).

2- Can I implement VOIP with Peplink B20

3- Assume the 3 sites: Site A, Site B and Site C

And that from Site A to Site B, there is a link 1 that is used to reach Site B directly and Link 2 to reach Site B through Site C.

Can I use Link 2 to join Site B through Site C if Link 1 is off or down?

  1. Certainly.
  2. Absolutely. It’s a common use of Peplink/Pepwave equipment. There are lots of folks here who can help you if you get stuck.
  3. Yes. You’ll want to pay attention to the “cost” defined in the PepVPN set-up. So the traffic will “reroute” if/ when the favored path is down.


thanks dear