Peplink 20 as load-balancer but not router

Hi there,

I’m looking at purchasing a Peplink 20 as a load-balancer in a dual DSL setup at home (I work a lot from home and need reliability from two lines, and also the speed increase as we’re in a rural area).

I have some concerns about the 25 or so user limit that a few people have commented on in the forums. I’ll have at least 32 “users” connected, as we have WIFI thermostats in every room, a couple of Apple TVs, the TVs themselves, printers, a scanner etc. This is the time of the Internet of Things right… ?

Anyway, I wondered if I could use my Airport Extreme (which seems happy up to 50 users) as the NAT and DHCP server/router, and the Peplink just to do the load-balancing for anything routing to the internet ?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

25 Recommended Users value is not a hard limit. It means the B20 supports 25 x normal Internet usage such as general browsing, email etc for sizing purpose. The IOT devices will have less Internet usage in your situation, so B20 would fit in this case.

Got it. Many thanks for the reply, I’ll buy the B20 and see how I get on.

I terms of internet usage, there will actually only be 2 or 3 “real people” and the rest will be very very light use IoT devices.

I suppose my thoughts were more on NAT table size.