Peplink 20/30 question using DSL & Satellite

I have been using DSL for the last 4 years at my home/business. I can
only get 1.5/256k but for the last few months I am lucky if I can get
200 - 300k down. I have spoken to my provider and they have told me
that the system is oversubscribed and they will be installing a new DNS
server/ Network Upgrades in the future, but for now there is nothing
they can do. They have reduced my monthly payments until it is fixed.

As I work from home, I need a reliable connection so I have had to
subscribe to satellite internet… I also intend to keep the DSL because I
use VOIP and my family like to use Netflix etc (which for some reason
works fine).

I will use the Satellite connection for work but as it is all you can
eat between 12am and 5am I am looking for a router that I can tell to
use the satellite connection between these hours for the rest of the
house… Can i set up a Peplink 20/30 router to do this?


Ummm WAN priority by time of day. This is not supported today but certainly is something we can look into.

Great, I hope to see it in a future firmware update.

My work around for now… is to setup my DSL through a router and setup an access restriction for the Peplink between the hours of 12am and 5am.

Will this work?

It should. We can setup Peplink with DSL WAN on Priority 1 and Satellite on Priority 2.

This way when your DSL router restricts access from Peplink, your DSL will not pass WAN health check, Peplink will see your DSL is having problem and will route everything on Satellite until 5am when restriction lifts and Peplink will put everything back to your DSL.

I will make sure Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery is checked too so existing connections can be put to the DSL right away.

I purchased a Peplink 30 and I now have the Satellite Installed.

The DSL is on Wan 1 and the Satellite is on Wan 2.

I want all traffic except for one pc (the work one) to use Wan 1 during the day, the work one has to use Wan 2 , when WAN 1 gets disconnected I want the whole system to use WAN 2… How do I set that up?



This can be done under Network> Outbound Policy. Create two outbound policy rules. The one for the PC will need to be placed on top.

Source = IP address of PC
Destination = Any
Protocol = Any
Algorithm = Priority

Source = Any
Destination = Any
Protocol = Any
Algorithm = Priority

As Kurt mentioned you may want to make sure “Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery” is checked on these rules so that existing connections can be put back to the DSL right away.

Done… Thank you for your help.

I have been using the Balance 30 for a few months now without many problems, but what would make it better for me is the Wan Priority by the time of day (as talked about above) and some sort of time programmable access restriction. I have a home office and I would like to turn off the internet on certain devices at night.
I have to use 3 different routers as well as the Peplink balance to do what I need this system to do. One for the DSL Restriction, One for the Satellite Restriction and another for the wireless component. Port forwarding has been a pain to setup.