Pep Max HD2 Wan1 and Wan2 Dns fails


HI, i have some strange problem with pep max hd2

From time to time wan1 and wan2 fail with dns lookup or ping from unknown reason and i loose connection.
beside that i use sim card also and but on sim card i cant send emails, they just stay in queue with error connection lost.

So lets see for wan connections first,

Wan1 is on static ip and on dns lookup, ( dns )upload/download bandwidth are set to 10/10Mbps
port speed to auto, MTU auto and health check to ping, timeout to 10 sec, health check to 10 sec and retres to 3.

Wan2 has the same settings, only difference is dns lookup

Both incoming wan’s are satellite up links. And static ip’s, with good and stable signals.
Both connections work perfectly on other devices ( pc, lap top, etc. ) stable connections,always connected, once i connect them to pep and set the ip’s for few hours everything works ok. Then they get stuck, so there are 2 options, disable wan and enable to get reconnected or reboot pep and it works for few hours again.

And third problem with sim card is also strange,our mail server works ok on wan1 & wan2 if they dont lose connection,
but on sim card email are not going trough.
i can see mail reach 100% during sending and i just get back connection lost,mail sending fails. This happens only when i use sim card,other traffic works good and without problems.

I have tried many options with outbound policy, port forwarding and service forwarding but nothing helped.

SO any ideas how to solve all of this and to make network stable and if possible mails to go trough sim card.
I want to make outbound policy to use wan2 and sim card for internet traffic and wan 1 for mails. This part should be easy if wan’s are stable and don’t get disconnected.

|Hardware Revision|5|
|Firmware|7.1.0 build 3433|
|PepVPN Version|7.0.0|