Pay-TV and CCTV surveillance anywhere

Our press release this week is about how Fleet-tec has developed a solution based on Peplink’s HD series devices to provide mobile homes (e.g. while on the road, at camp sites) with pay-TV services and CCTV surveillance.

Read on for more details:

Good work. Technology must keep evolving and help in the benefits of mankind. Security surveillance is one of them. We are also cctv camera dealers in Chennai and know the importance of the people and belongings.

I had come across this news in past, this technology was merged with lot of other options. To be frank if we are purchasing CCTV for personal safety they upfront provide the same software were you can login from anywhere and will be able to keep watch of your assets. I may be wrong but Pay-TV could have come up with different concept in regards to CCTV surveillance.