Password recovery via SNMP

for the Peplink 710, with 5.3.9 software, would it be possible to retrieve the admin password via snmp ?

In what MIB OID would that be located ?


Hello Antonis,

Unfortunately you are not able to grab the admin password using SNMP at this time. This may be something added into the future via firmware perhaps but nothing currently.

For your information on the larger Balances (B380 and up), on firmware version 5.4 and above, you can actually perform an admin password reset via the front LCD panel (resetting the password to the “out of the box” defaults). Baring that, you would have to reset the Balance to factory defaults and rebuild the configuration manually.

I hope that helps, let us know if there’s other questions at all.

Re: Peplink 390 MIB

Thank you for your quick reply.

Do you know if the config file can be retrieved from the console port ?

Thanks again.

Hello Antonis,

Not currently, the CLI interface is a pretty new addition to the Balance and I’m certain that the functionality will expand via future updates but they’ve not given any timeline for it at this time.