Packet drop over a SpeedFusion tunnel

Hello experts,

we have configured a SpeedFusion VPN between two Peplink Balance 210 Routers last month.

The SpeedFusion VPN worked like a charm until a couple of days ago the customer started experiencing very poor data and voice communications performance and packet loss across the SpeedFusion VPN.

Based on what we have seen so far, it seems that only SpeedFusion VPN traffic is affected by packet loss, while Internet access is not affected on any side.

We don’t get the packet loss when continuously pinging all WANs’ public IP addresses from an external core router, so judging by that I would say the problem is on the SpeedFusion VPN rather than on the WAN connections themselves.

What would you suggest in order to more effectively test the actual transmission quality of each WAN link (e.g. increasing the continuous ping packet size, using specific monitoring tools etc.) ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


There is a new firmware available that addresses this very intermittent issue, please create a ticket by visiting:

Hello Tim,

thank you very much for your quick reply.

We are currently running firmware version 5.4.7 build 1493.

Is the firmware more recent ?

Thanks again.


Yes, there is 5.4.9 firmware available but you will need to create a ticket in our system to get it right now.

Hello Tim,

I have created a support ticket and obtained the 5.4.9 firmware.

We will manually update our Balance 210 Routers remotely, so before going ahead could you please confirm if the firmware upgrade process to v5.4.9 will preserve the existing configuration ?

Thanks again.


Yes, the configuration will be preserved but I always recommend to download the active configuration for safe keeping.

Hello Tim,

I appreciate your follow-up.

I have been able to successfully upgrade to v5.4.9.

Thank you again for your support.