Overview of ports used by Peplink SD-WAN routers and other Peplink services

This article lists the default port numbers and usage for Peplink SD-WAN routers and services, InControl, and the InControl appliance.
The Fusionhub virtual appliance uses the same ports as other Peplink routers.

Default Port number Used for Service
. . .
UDP 5246 Data flow InControl
TCP 443 HTTPS service InControl
TCP 5246 Optional, used when TCP 443 is not responding InControl
. . .
TCP 5246 Remote Web Admin InControl Virtual Appliance
. . .
TCP 32015 PepVPN /SpeedFusion handshake SpeedFusion
UDP 32015 VPN Data (alternative) SpeedFusion
UDP 4500 VPN Data SpeedFusion
. . .
UDP 4500 VPN Data IPsec
UDP 500 VPN initiation IPsec
. . .
UDP 500 L2TP Remote user Access
UDP 1701 L2TP Remote User Access
UDP 4500 L2TP Remote User Access
UDP 1194 OpenVPN Remote User Access
IP 47 PPTP (GRE) Remote User Access
. . .
TCP 2222 Remote Assistance Direct connection Peplink Troubleshooting Assistance
. . .
TCP 80 HTTP traffic Web Admin Interface access
TCP 443 HTTPS traffic Web Admin Interface access (secure)
. . .
. . .
UDP 161 SNMP Get SNMP monitoring
UDP 162 SNMP Trap SNMP monitoring
. . .
TCP, UDP 1812 Radius Authentication Radius
TCP, UDP 1813 Radius Accounting Radius
. . .
UDP 123 Network TIme Protocol NTP

Thanks Erik,
please add NTP UDP 123.


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Great post.

For Incontrol Virtual Appliance inbound TCP 4443 is also needed for Web Access to Control Panel by default.

I should also Add UDP 53 for the Dyndns “Find My Peplink” Service (Outbound for Fusionhub/Devices, Inbound for Incontrol Virtual Appliance).

For Incontrol Hardware Appliance TCP 8000 is used for Non-Secure web accesses to control panel (inbound).

I also noticed TCP 1443 in the past for Fusionhub but not sure about that ?

Thank you

This is the Remote Web Admin port for ICVA.

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TCP 60660 Listener on MAX; Realtime GPS information

Please add

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Hi ue-it,

MAX routers export real-time location data in NMEA format through its LAN IP address at TCP port 60660. It is accessible from LAN or over a SpeedFusion connection.
See: https://forum.peplink.com/t/accessing-gps-info-from-pepwave-max-routers/

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So, no one thought to add whether each port is inbound or outbound. Really?


Hi Michael,
you’re right. Inbound and outbound should be much better for everyone.
The table above shows the device and the service but you need to know the direction.
You find all these informations in 1001 of topics, datasheets and manuals. This table is helpfull because it is a quick overview. A small note, pinned on the refridgerator.

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