Overflow Outgoing Algorithm

We’re using the ‘Overflow’ algorithm for outbound routing to force SIP (UDP 5060) over our T1/WAN2 link, with overflow set to go over our Comcast/WAN1 connection. This has been working great, but last night, the health check failed on the T1, which caused all VOIP to flow over WAN1. That’s a good thing; however, when the the T1 came back online 15 minutes later, the traffic did not revert back. I noticed that the ‘Overflow’ algorithm does not have the enable checkbox for ‘Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery’. Is there anyway to get this behavior? Or, should we be using the ‘Priority’ algorithm instead? Based on the descriptions of these options, it seems like overflow is exactly what we want-- route calls over the T1 unless it’s unavailable or saturated.

Please advise.

Overflow is the best fit your requirement for sure. And yes to have the VoIP calls back on T1 after the link comes back we will need a session termination option similar to the “Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery” we have for the Priority rule.

A good feature request this is. And I am moving this to the Feature Request forum for further comment.

Thanks Kurt!

Any idea how long the release cycle is for “forum-inspired-feature-requests” to making into an upcoming firmware upgrade?

It actually depends a lot on how popular a feature request is. Popular feature request e.g. API will be scheduled sooner and we will release evaluation firmware to our beta program participants as soon as it is ready.

So let’s hear it from the community. Feel free to talk to your friends and fellows and see if they share similar interest.