Overflow / Not In Use


Could you add the “Not in use” feature for “Overflow” algorithm, just like the “Priority” algorithm ? So we could exclude wan connections from the rule…
I’m talking about a Peplink Balance 30, firmware 5.3.12 build 1303.

Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion! It makes good sense and we will make this into a future release.


Would be nice. Thank you.

Something similar for the Weighted Balance algorithm : if I set 0 for a Load Distribution Weight of WAN1, and values > 0 for WAN2 and WAN3, it still uses WAN1 (and WAN2 and WAN3).
Is it normal ? Shouldn’t a value of 0 disable completely the use of that connection ?

It is normal if you’re referring to this exception case - by design, WAN1 (weight:0) will be used in the event that all other WAN links (WAN2 & WAN3, weights > 0) become unavailable.

ok thanks for help…