Outbound traffic blocked- port 25

HI All,

Just installed peplink and the entire company is blocked from sending emails on the port 25.

Firmware: 5.4.6

I’ve followed the case study dated to MAY 2013 on blocked outbound traffic, however is not working.

This was working before, with another Router so the ISP has configured on there end.

First upgrade to lastest firmware and recheck. The only thing I can think of that would block outbound emails on port 25 is if you are using multiple WANs from multiple ISPs and the SMTP traffic is being load balanced across them, and your ISP that hosts your email only accepts inbound SMTP traffic from devices directly connected to their network.

You might have to set up an outbound policy that forces outbound smtp traffic via a specific WAN is that’s the case.

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Did you resolve this?

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