Outbound policy with time basis

My wish is for a time field in the Outbound Policy. I have one ISP that is badly overloaded 4 hours a day. I’d like to simply cut it off for those 4 hours and avoid all the dropped packet problems.

Hi Ross,

Thanks for the suggestion, we will take it under advisement.

In the meantime, have you tried adjusting the Health Check settings for this connection? If you try more aggressive settings than the defaults, the Balance will probably detect the line as down and no traffic will route over it.



I tried setting the Health check as tight as possible - 1 second wait / test, 1 fail, 20 to recover. In the logs, the WAN failed Ping test entry, appears once every ten minutes or so. But then it recovers. The health check method doesn’t seem to be stressful enough to spot this persistent 5% to 10% packet loss failure, and stay offline. Ross H.