Outbound Policy Rule


Hi Guys,

Good Eve!

I would like to ask how to create an “Outbound Rule” that makes a specific address destination to route towards different next hop.

Currently we have 2 ISP named as A & B, A is the primary one and B is just a backup. Now, Tried creating an Outbound policy rule for Internal host ex. to www.test.com and to route via ISP B, but the output result is fail host still using ISP A.

Outbound Policy:
Destination: www.test.com
Protocol: Any
Algorithm: Priority
Priority order: 1.ispA 2.ispB
TSLR: Enabled

Any idea how to make this work?

Another question is since we are doing the testing on production, may I know if modifying this policy can make an outage or interruption on prod?

Here the diagram for reference.

Thank you


You have your Priority Order wrong. If you want that rule to route out of ISP B then that should be Priority 1, not 2.


Hi Tim, Sorry I have typed the wrong priority. In my configuration it;s Priority: 1. ISPB and 2. ISPA. Thanks


is this because the status of ISPB is cold standby and type is backup group it is not always on?


You are correct!


Thanks Tim, So we cant achieve or manipulate outbound policy in active/standby setup.

Again Thank you


When you put a connection in cold standby you are essentially telling the router not to use it unless the other connection fails. Thanks.