Outbound Policy, more than one rule in use?

When you set up outbound policy rules, I understand that the router starts from the top rule and works its way down. If it matches the very first rule (in case, a Least Used rule for ALL outbound traffic), does it stop processing rules? The reason I ask is that I’d also want it to process the HTTPS_Persistance rule, which also matches all traffic.

So, does the router stop processing rules when it finds a match, or does it keep going adding rules that match?

If the former, then I guess you can’t enforce an HTTPS_Persistance when doing any kind of custom load balancing (like Least Used)?

If the latter, then I guess you just have to be careful of not creating conflicting rules, or would it just used the last matching rule if they are in conflict? ie. you had two rules which applies to all outbound traffic, one a Least Used, the other a Weighted Balance, it would just use the bottom one in the order?

Your manual should be updated to incorporate this info…


Rules take precedence from top to bottom. You will want to have your more detailed traffic towards the top.

You could for example set a customer load distribution for your WANs in the Persistence rule. (See Load Distribution - Custom).

Correct, that Least Used does not have a persistence option.

OK, so starting from the top, the first rule that matches is used, and then no other rules are looked at.

Yes you are right.

Just to clarify.

With the rules below. You will need the most detailed at the top so all rules will be looked at by the Balance. If you have the All Traffic rule at the top, the other 2 rules would never be used.