Outbound policy based on Manufacturer or client name wildcard

I’d like to request outbound polices based on Manufacturer (looked up result of first 6 of mac) or client name wildcard.
Manufacturer Amazon Technologies Inc.
Name: amazon-
Manufacturer Google,Inc
Name: Chromecast

We had a client that didn’t know they were on cellular and used 30 GB on an amazon fire stick.
I think this would help us create outbound policies to classify devices.

I agree this is needed. I am having more and more issues with idiots…sorry, customers randomly plugging in roku, firestick, apple TV etc. We do not know they are there, so no special rule in place to enforce them to wan. Wan goes down - customer is using a ton of cellular data.
Our record was 180G in 24 hours.
Peplink added the “restrict to incontrol remote access when limit reached” control, which works great as a safety catch.
but I would love to be able to auto-identify and force to WAN certain types of devices.
The traffic itself is HTTPS or SSL, so difficult to limit by service.
The destinations are all over the place - a lot on amazonws. But so are a lot of things they DO need to keep running when WAN goes down.
I am open to any solution to let me pre-control this…to put rules in place with a good chance of catching devices when they are plugged in months later