Outbound Mapping

I have my peplink in NAT mode. I have Nat Mapping to an internal IP address. The Inbound Mapping works fine, but is there a way to make sure the Outbound traffic always goes through the same IP Address?

Dear Elton,

This is very easy and practical using outbound mapping. please follow the instructions on the below URL :

Configuring One-to-One NAT Mappings

I am still having an issue with the outbound mapping. I have the Outbound Mapping set on WAN3, but it appears some of their packets are going through other interfaces and getting assigned a different IP address. I need this particular user to go through just WAN3 and have one specific IP address.

Hi Elton,

The Outbound Mapping will not tie all of the users traffic to that specific WAN3 IP, only when it gets used through normal default load balancing
If you want a specific user to always use the same WAN3 then you should also create a custom outbound rule based on the internal IP, destination Any, protocol Any, and then choose the Priority Algorithm with WAN3 as the highest or Enforced Algorithm to WAN3. Keep in mind that Enforced is just that, if WAN3 fails then the user will not have internet access.

Hope this helps…