Outbound Firewall Rule: Multiple Domains

Hey I don’t know if this is possible but I definitely need it for this reason:

  1. Once I figure out from the much appreciated help of TK on how to connect multiple Speedfusion Peers back to our main Balance Data Center with the ability for these peers to NOT talk to one another, I need:

*Main Balance Data Center Outbound Firewall Rules for SIP and RTP to be able to fill in Multiple Feature Server Domains, not just 1.

Once I send all my VoIP traffic from remote customer sites through Speedfusion Peer back to Main Balance I want to be able to define the Outbound Firewall Rules at the Main Balance to OPEN my SIP port and RTP ports to all of my customers different VoIP Feature Servers and not have to create a Rule for each feature server for both SIP and RTP.

This would also be helpful the the environment where we have customer that sub let their space but we build the entire local network for both Voice and Data and provide the VoIP Phone Service. Now instead of selling a law firm with 50 phones a Balance One and their sub lets with 40 other VoIP phones get say another Balance One because I don’t want multiple features servers fighting for priority according to outbound policy or outbound firewall rules. Now I can sell them a 380 and feel comfortable that all customer feature servers are getting same priority on outbound policies and outbound firewall rules.

Let me know if I articulated this good enough.