Outbound client limitations


In our RV (we full time in it) we often have to connect to ISP that limits us to 2 or 3 outbound devices. We have 7 devices that need inept acess at different times. How can we do a hide NAT to where all traffic appears to come from WAN interfaces?


Hello @Steve_Robitzsch,
What Peplink/Pepwave device are you using for you RV & who is your ISP?
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You could use a router that can function as a VPN client. Many VPN providers support using their service from a router, typically with OpenVPN. Then, all devices connected to the VPN client router will appear as one thing to the ISP. Sadly, Peplink does not have an OpenVPN client. Asus is among the few consumer routers that offer an OpenVPN client. Pretty sure Synology does too.


@Michael234, you may find our announcement below. :blush:


Thanks for the heads up TK