Out of warranty repair

Dear sir,

My Peplink balance 380 problem is faulty CF card, and the service team in here was contacted me as said it was over warranty and can’t be repair, I would like to know it is Peplink never provide out-of-warranty repair ?

Hi @PaulPuaWelcome to the Forum!
Peplink does offer out of warranty repair.
Please mention that you would like an out-of-warranty repair and they will facilitate this for you.
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Dear Sam Norris,

I m mention pay for out of warranty repair but they rejected and asking me to buy a new unit.

Hi Paul

Please note that the out of warranty repair is no longer available, please submit your request to your purchase account (OGX) to obtain a trade-in replacement request instead. For more information, you may refer to this link under Renewal Policy.

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Dear Chun Fatt Sham,

What’s going on for this case ? From ur answer is no more out of warranty repair provide, but Sam Norris was replied me it is provided .

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Paul Pua

@PaulPua, sorry for the confusion caused by our responses. Base on the Renewal Policy took effect a year ago, the device that Out of Warranty over 2 years will fall into the “Trade-in Replacement” program.

Public announcement:

Renewal Policy:

Understand that our partner is following up on the case via a support ticket with you, we are communicating with the partner to work out a satisfactory solution for you.

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