Organization name in e-mail alerts?

Just noticed that e-mail alerts have the device name and group name, but not organization name. As an admin for several organizations in InControl2, it would be helpful if the template included Organization as well. Is this template something I can modify or if not, something Peplink could consider adding?

Thanks for your suggestion. We will add the organization name to the email in the next release.

The email template currently cannot be modified by users yet. We will add such feature later.

dear Michael,

*device name that you are referring is only showed on e-mail notifications configured on device.
*If you configure e-mail notifications on Incontrol2, device name deons’t appear.

could you add on next release?

thanks in advance!

Hi Aroa, for device down/up events, the device names are actually included in notification emails’ content. It is like this:

2 devices offline for more than 5 minutes on 2015-09-13 18:17

  • Device One (1111-2222-3333) - “Pepwave MAX BR1”
  • Device Two (2222-3333-4444) - “Pepwave MAX BR1”

I’m not sure if you want to include the names in the emails’ subject. However it could be impossible to include many device names in the subject field. That’s why we put them in the content.

Thanks Michael,

Yes, we want to include the names in the emails’ subject.
In one of our customers, one email is sent per device offline (not one mail with a list of offline devices as in your example).


OK, after checking the RFC2822, an email subject could be as lengthy as 998 characters. So we will include device names in the email subject as you suggested.

Thanks Michael,
Do you expect to implement it on next IC2 release?

I don’t know if is possible to develop something like this email subject customization:
“%GROUP_NAME% %DEVICE_NAME% is %STATUS% since %TIME_LAST_STATUS%” that shows as a result “(PMI) 569 is offline since 10 days”

thanks in advance,

We will implement email subject customization later but we could not commit a time frame yet. Thanks for your suggestion.