Option to create multiple administrative profiles


Here are some suggestions for features and would like to share with you.

Today, inside the PePLink there are only 02 users (user and admin), could have other clients, such as:

Access rule admin: (You can create, edit and delete access rule inbound and outbound)

Dns admin: (You can create, edit and delete the dns)

Or custom delegation where I can choose what User can do (this would be the best).


Any news on this feature,

Do you think you can put these features into a new Firmware?

Thank you.

We would like to be able to create different user profiles, would help a lot in the logs because we could then see who changed what and when!
Please remember there is also the IC2 log in route to be logged separately!

Hi all,

Thank you for your suggestion. We don’t have such plan currently after our internal discussion. However, Administration Roles and Operation Log in InControl2 may help in your situation.