OPENVPN support needed NOW on Pepwave MAX MBR-1-US-LTE

I see on this forum where MANY customers have requested OPENVPN support and it has fallen on deaf ears. WHY has OPENVPN been glissed over by Pepwave? In this day and age it is more important than ever to be able to keep your privacy intact - why is pepwave ignoring this fact? There are lesser priced routers out there namely the MOFI 4500 SIM4 to be exact that is half the cost of Pepwave devices and HAS ACTIVE FIRMWARE SUPPORT FOR OPENVPN ON BOARD! It would seem unlikely that since Pepwave devices are considered the “cadillac” of devices in this realm that OPENVPN would have been supported long ago.

Can anyone at pepwave comment as to what is CURRENTLY being done REAL WORLD to implement OPENVPN on the MAX series of routers?

Please advise
thank you

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I agree, and add the Balance series of routers to this request.


I read somewhere that a firmware release in October 2018 would add this capability. Any chance of seeing this in November?

Hello @chipgallo,
You can read about the timelines and add your request to this feature request in the forum.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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OpenVPN remote user access is available since firmware 8.0. (currently in beta). For instructions how to configure this read:

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