Opened Port doesnt respond to requests

Hello, community. I have a weird issue here again. I just opened port 22 on peplink firewall and set up a port forwarding from our public IP to our internal server. The connection internally works. For example, if I connect from a computer to the server using putty it works. The issue is when using the connection from outside. I can’t get it to work no matter what. This has happened before and sometimes it fixes on its own. I just did a port scan and it doesn’t show up port 22 as opened. Here are some screenshots of the configuration. On the wireshark packet trace it shows up as TCP Retransmission. I only have it configured to accept incoming connections from my public IP. Any help is really appreciated.

I suspect in System > Admin Security you might have port 22 set for device SSH?
If so try changing that to a higher number (eg 222) and see if everything comes right.


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I dont have the CLI Enabled. See attached picture.

I see you have UPnP and NAT-PMP enabled. Could you have something else on the network mapping 22 using the automated mapping?

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I just disable the UPnP and NAT_PMP and it doesnt work. I had this issue with a peplink balance 20X before and it fixed itself after some time.

After many tries and errors I finally hit a solution by changing the public IP address I was using to another. I dont know why but it worked.